Anglophone Crisis: Gov’t Hounds Lawyers, Teachers Promoting Secessionist Propaganda


By Collins Ashu

The Government of Cameroon is feeling frustrated with the killing of its security and defence forces, as several attempts to fix the so called Anglophone Crisis, which has lasted for more than a year now, have resulted to nothing.

Bumamboh Tanila

Some of the measures the Government had put in place to resolve the crisis that has now led to the death of many, including having dialogue with teachers and lawyers, whom they believe are heads of their unions or staff representative, have yielded nothing. These teachers and lawyers have refused to cooperate with the Government.

According to our correspondents, the government is now using forceful measures, threats among others to make them comply. This has led to the unlawful arrest of several teachers and lawyers.Despite all these, the situation keeps getting more terrible.

The Government believes that some teachers and lawyers who are believed to be in hiding are still influencing their colleagues and other individuals to stand against the Government’s desire for the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

The Government has, therefore, labelled these individuals as terrorists because of their secessionist idea, among other reasons. The Government is therefore in search of the following key teachers and lawyers: Deacon Tassang Wilfred, Grace Baitei Azumbre , Ndankea Simon Yumtawe, Bumamboh Terence Tanila, Catharine Pauline Vemkuso, Desmunf Kandemo Tefebrus.
The Government is willing to give a reward to anyone that discloses their whereabouts.It is believed that the authorities have special interest in the said Bumamboh Terence Tanila because, after instigating civil disobedience, unlawful strike action and violence in Tiko, he has moved to Bamenda and is doing the same and the authorities have been searching for him in Tiko, Buea, Kumba, Bamenda, Ndop, Belo and so on, to no avail.
Earlier reports had it that he was once arrested in Bamenda but, somehow, he managed to escape before the news of his arrest got to the authorities in Yaounde. Even though there are evidences that proved he escaped, many believe he bribed his way out.

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