Anglophone Crisis: Woman Arrested For Selling Food To Amba Boys

By James Folefack

A woman, whose name we got as Anziawua Justine Chapajong, arrested in Lewoh, Alou Subdivision, Lebialem Division, Southwest Region, on October 1, for allegedly selling food to Separatist fighters.

It is alleged that, following the arrest, she was whisked off into detention in Bafoussam in the West Region.

The old woman was accused, according to security and defence forces, f aiding and abetting Separatist fighters in Lewoh.

It is reported that the woman was arrested at the Lewoh Market where she cooks and sells food. Sources in Lewoh revealed that Separatist fighters, just like anyone else, come and eat or buy food from her eatery.

But locals started referring to her as ‘Mama Amba’, which led security forces to believe that she has information on the whereabouts of Separatists.

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