Cameroon: Troop death toll from separatist raid climbs to ten

At least ten soldiers are now known to have been killed by separatists of the English-speaking Southern Cameroon’s Ambazonia Consortium United Forces, (SCACUF).

The separatist group is campaigning for the total independence of the northwest and southwest regions from the rest of the country.

On Thursday, the initial death toll was two but sources have now put the number of soldiers killed over the past month to ten.

According to authorities of the southwest region, troops were ambushed in the village of Otu, near the town of Mamfe on Wednesday night.

“During the attack, Police inspectors Ngah and Nkelle sustained gunshot wounds and died shortly afterwards” one source said.

Prior to the officers’ killing, the Minister of Communication and government Spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakari, reviewing the security situation in that part of the country bedeviled by year-long protests, said “heavily armed terrorists attacked elements of the Cameroon Defense Forces deployed to protect Agborkem German, in the southwestern district of Manyu”.

During the attack, four soldiers belonging to the 22nd Motorized Infantry Battalion (BIM) were killed.

The victims include Sergeant-Chief Tih Julius Angu, Master Corporal Voula Voula Victor, Private Class Yinda Bobekreo and Private Class Noutchomwo Many Raphael Willy.

“In addition to the four gendarmes killed earlier we have a total of ten law enforcement officers mowed down in the two regions, within a month” the spokesman said.

He added: “The assailants probably used canoes, blending into the particularly dense river traffic in the area, thanks to the strong presence of fishermen and traders.”



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