Security Forces Raid Fiango-Kumba, Searching For Guns

A contingent of security forces, comprising police, gendarmes and soldiers, stormed the Fiango neighbourhood in Kumba at dawn on Sunday, December 17, conducting a house-to-house search.

The forces of law and order took a fast one on the population as they surrounded the earmarked Streets around 4.00am that Sunday. Scores of Christians, businesswomen, bike riders and even farmers, were sent back home.

The inhabitants only rose from bed to be confronted by security forces, armed to the teeth, for the houses-to-house search.

A Fiango inhabitant, who refused to be named, disclosed that the officers who searched their house said they were looking for guns.

“When they entered our house… they asked us to present our identity cards. Then, one of them asked if we knew what they were looking for and we said no, then, he replied: “We are searching for those guns that you people used to attack the security forces.

We were silent and they searched and left, but asked us not to leave the quarter until they were done with their operation.”

The operation touched areas such as Gentil Street, extending to Latani Street in Fiango. The security forces inundated the area, wielding guns and other military paraphernalia.

Persons who could not present proper identification documents during the raid were bundled into a police van.

Other household items were also carted into military vans stationed opposite St Anthony Catholic Hospital Fiango. The Post gathered that the security forces carried the items because their owners could not produce receipts to justify ownership.

By 8:20a.m. same day, we spotted flat screen televisions, printers and other items stashed behind a van belonging to the Rapid Intervention Battalion.

Though the security forces later left the targeted zones early yesterday, reports indicate that a few other persons were picked up around the Faingo Market same Sunday morning.



The Post Newspaper

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