Music Stars Rally Behind Prisoners’ Support Cameroon

CY International with Buea Central Prison Supretendent

Cameroonian music artists, Sunday, February 25, came together at the Buea Central Prison to support Cyprain Tayong Egomang’s Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO, dubbed Prisoners’ Support Cameroon.

The NGO was launched to carter for the needs of prisoners in Cameroon.

Close to 10 artists and comedians honoured Tayong’s invitation to the prison to thrill inmates. Enthralled by the wonderful performances of the entertainers, some inmates joined the artists stage to sing as their peers watched and applauded in excitement.

From time to time, the inmates braved their way out of the crowd just to touch a performing artist. Performances from artists like Tzy Panchak, Ambe, Blaise B, Dahpne, Awilo de Bamenda, Askia, Spaco among others left unforgettable memories in the minds of the inmates.

The event was the closing ceremony of the first edition of the CY International Sports Tournament and was presided at by the Superintendent of the Buea Central Prison, Joseph Arnold Ngomba Ngambe.

The inmates also showcased their hidden talents to their visitors through traditional dance competition from the Northwest and Southwest Regions.

From the various performances, the artists assured the inmates that they have not been forgotten and encouraged them to use their time in prison as a period of reflection which should enable them to come out as better citizens.

Speaking at the event, Ngomba Ngambe expressed gratitude to the philanthropist gesture carried out by CY International. He urged the CEO of the NGO to do more.

Going by the Superintendent, the prisoners are facing a lot of challenges like water shortage, infirmary among others.

On his part, Tayong thanked the Superintendent for accepting him to fulfil his childhood dream.

“…it is a wonderful day to me to have finally achieved my childhood dream of thinking of those in the prison…I want people to change their ideology regarding those in prison.”

To the inmates, he urged them to be exemplary.

The event ended up  with a football final pitting Tiko United FC of E Ward against Mount Kupe FC of K Ward with the former beating the later by 3 goals to 2.

The sports competition that started on January 6 at the Buea Central Prison ended with the award of trophies and medals to outstanding clubs and individuals.



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