Gov’t Officials Warned Against Using First Class Flights

Cameroon’s Prime Minister, Philemon Yang, has cautioned government officials against using first class flights for missions.

PM Yang in a circular date February 23, urged heads of state-owned enterprises, officials of companies and public institutions to make all their air travel abroad in business class and not first class.

Excerpts of the circular below;

“Given the fact that some of these missions are carried out without the prior authorization of the competent supervisory authorities, their capital gain for the company or public institution concerned is not always established. Moreover, travel missions abroad have a strong impact on government’s budget, and in most cases, regularly confronted with cash-flow problems”.

Philemon Yang underscored the need for officials to engage in business class flights and where necessary, exhorted the government officials to get the right authorization from the authorities concerned.



Journal Du Cameroun

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