Cameroon Ranked 6th Largest Champagne Importer In Africa In 2016

Figures from The Comité Champagne reveals that in 2016, 155,431 bottles of champagne were imported in Cameroon for a total of CFA 2.6 billion (a bit more than €4 million).

Even though that volume represents a net decrease compared to the 187,404 bottles imported by the country in 2015 (a year during which the country realized the highest volume of imports since 2013), Cameroon was the 6th Champagne consumer in Africa during the period under review.

Let’s note that during the period under review, the 5 African largest champagne importers were Mauritius, the 5th with 183,106 bottles, Morocco the fourth with 192,241 bottles, Côte d’Ivoire, the third with 243, 317 bottles, Nigeria, the second with 475,726 bottles and South Africa, the first with 855, 770 bottles.




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