Catherine Bakang Mbock Survives Operation Sparrowhawk

Cameroon’s former Minister of Social Affairs, Catherine Bakang Mbock is in Canada after running away from Cameroon’s National Commission for the Fight against Corruption, CONAC, Le Messager newspaper reports.

In its Friday, March 23, 2018 publication, the French Language daily newspaper reported that the former Minister of Social Affairs left the country with his English husband and children for Canada.

It is believed that the former Minister is evading the country in order not to face the humiliation of being locked in Kondengui Prison like her colleagues who have been tried and locked for embezzlement.

The newspaper also pointed out some cases of alleged embezzlement in which the former Minister of Social affairs is implicated in.

This include, the case of the supply of office equipment to 100 social centers and schools valued at nearly FCFA 100 million, through the markets of rehabilitation centers, fictitious markets, the use of men who lie has earned denunciations from the institutions responsible for overseeing the managerial orthodoxy “.
The newspaper also reported on the alleged diversions of certain projects such as HIPC, “Efficiency and effectiveness of basic social services for Cameroonian populations living below the poverty line,” and the “street children” initiative, or still the convoluted management of the Sygipes.

“The last file on the list valued at more than FCFA 40 million would never have been achieved as planned. In the meantime rehabilitation centers such as the Betamba Ice, Borstal Institute of Buea and Cao de Douala, obtained through the so-called screen companies would have swallowed up the plump sum of FCFA 900 million, “writes Le Messager.
“Operation Sparrow Hawk” in the past few weeks, have seen that many government officers guilty of embezzling public budget, are put to book. Lately, personalities like the former Director General of CAMWATER, Jean William Sollo, former Secretary of roads at the Ministry of Public Works, Louis Max Ayina, and the former Rector of the University of Douala, Bruno Bekolo Ebe among others have all been taken to Kondengui Prison as a result of embezzlement.

Meanwhile, the most humiliating case was that of former Minister of Energy and Water who was caught in Nigeria as he attempts to run away from Operation Sparrow Hawk.

Lately, a total of more than 20 names of personalities were recently published prohibiting them from travelling out of the country in relation to alleged embezzlement of public funds.

Catherine Bakang Mbock, 62, is a member of the ruling Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM. She was Minister of Social Affairs for eight years until she was replaced in 2016 by Pauline Irene Kendeck.

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