39 public officials prohibited from leaving Cameroon

Thirty-nine public officials have recently been prohibited from leaving Cameroon. This is revealed in three messages (being shared on social media since the last weekend) signed by Martin Mbarga Nguélé, the delegate-general for national security.

The messages addressed to the police units posted at the borders enjoined the police officers to arrest the said officials and turn them in to the special criminal court TCS if ever the suspects tried to escape.

On this list, there are at least three well-known officials. They are namely Faï Yengo Francis, the ex-governor of the Coastal region who has been Douala port executive board’s president for long and Dayas Mounoumé, the port’s ex-managing director. There is also Camille Ekindi, the managing director who replaced Joseph Edou (sentenced to a long-term imprisonment) at the realms of Crédit foncier on September 13, 2005.

Let’s remind that according to corroborative sources, Dayas Mounoumé has been on the run since he was dismissed from his position at Douala port and he has also been condemned for 15 years since July 3, 2015, by TCS (he was not present at the audience) for the embezzlement of CFA458 million



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