All Anglophone General Conference Postponed To Nov. 2018

The all Anglophone General Conference, AGC, initially scheduled for August 29 to 30, 2018, will rather hold on 21 to 22 November, 2018.

 The conveners of the conference agreed to postponed the gathering in a meeting that held in Douala on Wednesday August 8, 2018. They decided to shift the conference to a later date after reviewing the various tasks to be accomplished in the preparation of the conference and the need for AGC to achieve it noble objectives.

The conveners believe much time is needed to prepare for the conference they qualify as important to the sons and daughters of the North west and South West regions.

 In the meeting, the conveners noted with deep satisfaction that the government welcomed their initiative while expressing reservation on some request they were addressed to it.

The clergy and civil society has appreciated the enthusiasm with which Cameroonians from the ten regions of different political leanings at home and abroad welcomed the AGC initiative.

However, they say skepticism, doubt and hostilities expressed by some voices to the initiative have been noted but they are determine to move on as political neutral servants of God.

The AGC is intended to lay grounds on a process in finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the crisis in the Anglophone regions. The initiative is coming at a time where the sociopolitical crisis continues to deepen further in these regions.

Read the Release Verbatim Below


The Conveners of the Anglophone General Conference (AGC) met in Douala on Wednesday, 8th August 2018, to review the situation and identify the necessary actions to be taken towards the holding of a successful AGC. They noted with deep satisfaction that the Government welcomed the initiative while expressing reservations on some requests that were addressed to it. They appreciated the enthusiasm with which Cameroonians of all the ten regions and all political leanings at home and abroad received the announcement of the forthcoming conference, while taking cognizance of the scepticism, doubt and hostility expressed by some voices. They re-affirmed their determination to pursue, as politically neutral servants of God concerned solely with the welfare of the people, this initiative which is intended to lay the ground for finding a peaceful and lasting solution to the Anglophone crisis and for a return to normal life in the Northwest and Southwest regions.

The Conveners reviewed the various tasks to be accomplished in preparation for the conference and to ensure that this important gathering of the people of the Southwest and Northwest regions achieves its noble objectives. They concluded that more time would be needed to prepare for the conference. They, therefore, decided to postpone the holding of the Anglophone General Conference in Buea, initially scheduled for 29th and 30th August, to the 21st and 22nd November 2018.

The Conveners call upon the people of the Northwest and Southwest regions, wherever they may be, to continue preparations for their Individual attendance and effective participation in the conference. They invite all Cameroonians to pray daily to the Almighty God for the success of this conference and for the early return of peace and harmony to the two Anglophone regions.

Christian Cardinal Tumi

Douala, 8th August, 2018

For further information, contact:
Dr. Simon Munzu, Spokesperson, College of Conveners (e-mail: anyopeuh@yahoo.; tel: +237695256460); or
Mr. Elie Smith, Head of Communications (e-mail:; tel: +237 699108387)

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