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Anglophone Crisis: Prelates Insist Only Prayers Can Solve The Current Crisis

Dr. Rev. Chief Andrew Ekoka Molindo

Clergies of all denominations have insisted that only prayers can provide a lasting solution to the ongoing sociopolitical unrest in the two English speaking regions of Cameroon. This unanimous call was made during an inter-religious service in Limbe on Saturday August 11, 2018.

 Even though the banner says it was an event to pray for peace in Cameroon, analytically, the event had three phases.

The first being that of the Clergy is to pray for peace in Cameroon with Dr. Rev. Chief Andrew Ekoka Molindo leading the Clergies with a power sermon.

“There is no military solution to this problem in Cameroon, there is no “odeshi” solution and there is no occultic solution to the problems in Cameroon. Only God can save Cameroon”, Dr. Rev. Chief Ekoka Molindo reiterated.

The Clergies in their interceptive prayers prayed for peace to reign in Cameroon.

The high point of the event saw the guest of honour, the Minister of Secondary Education, Professor Pauline Nalova Lyonga Egbe disclosing the second phase of the event, which to her is very paramount.

“Please sent your children to school and take note that Cameroon is not going to stand still because you do not sent your children to school. The GCE will still take place. The water flows, the water does not stand still”, the Minister insisted.

As to who or those behind the event, the Minister unveiled it to be the brain work of some indigenous youths in Fako contrary to what was thought to be the Clergies in Limbe, which was the last phase.

“It is the children of the tribe from Mungo to Buea and Limbe who did this, we did not, campaigns are ongoing”, Minister Nalova Lyonga added.

“I have never seen such a self-contradictory event as the war that we are experiencing, a war that has no logic anywhere. No matter how much you try to find the logic, you will not find it.” – Prof. Nalova Lyonga, Secondary Education Minister.

The present of the Minister of Women Empowerment and the Family, the Governor of the South west Region and other top government officials speak for it self the importance of the event to the government.

The event graced with praises and worship songs witnessed a cream of Clergies from almost all the denominations presence in Limbe, not leaving out the Imams of the Muslim fate.
The event was equally heavily protected by the forces of law and order.

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