Fr Sob’s Killers Are Amongst Us, Bishop Bushu Shocked Mourners 

Rev Fr Sob

The Bishop of Buea, His Lordship Immanuel Bushu, Friday, August 10, shocked the over 2000 mourners, who had converged on the Regina Pacis Cathedral Small Soppo, Buea to pay homage to Rev. Fr Alexander Nougi Sob.

Mgr Bushu left the tongues of mourners wagging hysterically when he openly debunked the widespread allegations that were being peddled around that the fallen Parish Priest of Sacred Heart Parish Bomaka was killed by a stray bullet.


According to the Chief Shepherd of Buea, the erstwhile Catholic Education Secretary of Buea Diocese was brutally murdered and assassinated using a silencer.


“Fr. Sob was brutally killed, assassinated…. Why on earth he went to Muyuka, I, myself, do not know and the people who know do not want to tell us the truth…Those who said it was a cross-fire are liars and those that killed him are right here with us and  their consciences will not let them free,” the Bishop thundered.


The Prelate described the fallen Priest as a good teacher, great speaker and a dynamic preacher.

Mgr. Bushu denied the stories of Fr. Sob going to see his mother in Muyuka, because, according to the Bishop, the Priest’s mother had already been in Yaounde before his demise. The Bishop said the late Reverend Father was in the company of two other persons at the time he was assassinated.


Talking to The Post, Mgr. Bushu emphasised that people should learn to tell the truth and that mourners should forgive those who carried out the heinous act.


The more than 2,000 mourners who attended the Requiem Mass comprised of Priests, Seminarians, Religious, Political and Traditional Authorities from all over the country.


Presenting the autopsy report to mourners, the Vicar General of Buea Diocese, Fr Bernard Asek Tambe, said the report revealed that Fr Sob was shot by two bullets, one on the left and another on right side of the chest, all at the same level.


“The poisoned bullet on the left bore a hole to his heart causing instant death, while the bullet on the right passed through his body to his back.”


With the help of the autopsy, it was determined that the shots were carried out by a professional, who used a silencer gun. The shot was taken from the windscreen; from a distance of between 50cm to 70cm away. A Ballistic Expert will be needed to determine whether the two bullets are of the same kind. This is to ascertain whether it was one person or two people of the same height, who fired the shots.


Meanwhile, the Head of the Sob family frowned at some media reports alleging that their brother was killed by a stray bullet. She reiterated that Fr Sob was assassinated and prayed the Church to launch an investigation and bring the culprits to face the long arm of the law.


It should be stressed here that before his demise, the 45-year-old Priest was a Lecturer at the Catholic University Institute of Brea, CUIB, and a PhD candidate in the Faculty of Education in the University of Buea.


The “Wonder Boy” as he was fondly called by listeners of his radio programme, Bless Line over CRTV Mount Cameroon FM and “Soppi” by students of the Catholic Educational family, will generally been missed by his fans, students and the Christian family of Buea Diocese.



The Post Newspaper

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