Another Week Of Blood, Tears In NW

Troops Hunt Andouba Usatie Moris After Killing His Family, Incinerate Their Residence.

It was another ugly incident in Ambo, Batibo, Momo Division of the Northwest Regions of Cameroon, on Saturday, September 1, 2018, when Cameroonian troops raided homes, arresting and brutalising the villagers.

The troops also incinerated over a dozen homes under the guise of hunting down elements of the Ambazonia Defence Forces (ADF), which they claimed were taking refuge in the village.

One of the locals, who survived the military brutality, told The Post that the Andouba’s family suffered the highest casualties during the military raid.

According to our source, whose name we are withholding for fear of witch-hunting and victimisation, the security forces stormed into the house of 53-year-old Aginess Nyoh Andouba, and asked her to surrender her nephew, Elvis Tanga to them. The military forces alleged that Elvis Tanga has joined the Ambazonia Defence Forces, an armed militia group that is fighting against the marginalisation of English-speaking Cameroonians by the French majority.

“Since the military men spoke in the French Language, the family of Aginess Nyoh Andouba could not understand what they were saying. The irate men in uniform immediately shot the 53-year-old to death, her last child, Andouba Nathaniel, her 33-year-old daughter, Andouba Precilia and her four-year-old grandchild, Ashu Rose. Within a twinkling of an eye, an entire family was massacred by the security forces. After killing this family, the Andoubas’ house was set on fire,” our source recounted.

Our dependable source wept that an entire family was massacred by the troops because they are accusing one of theirs; Andouba Usatie Moris, who is out of Cameroon for sponsoring the Ambazonia Defence Forces back in Batibo.

“My heart is very heavy because the manhunt for Andouba Usatie Moris, who narrowly escaped death and left Cameroon sometime ago, has intensified. The Cameroonian military are accusing him of sponsoring the Ambazonia Defence Forces back here in Cameroon. If he is caught, he will also be slaughtered just like his family members. I heard that his name was among those who have been earmarked by the Cameroonian Government for arrest. If arrested, tried and found guilty, they will be handed a death penalty, according to the Cameroon Penal Code,” our visibly shaken source wailed.

However, before retreating from Ambo village, the military set over 12 houses ablaze, arresting scores of villagers It should be stressed here that the Ambo incident is one out of a series of atrocities committed by the Cameroon military since the outbreak of the socio-political upheavals in the Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroon. Many people in the two English-speaking Regions have been rendered homeless; some have become internally displaced, while many innocents villagers like the Andouba’s family have lost their lives in the Crisis.

According to statistics, over 4000 civilians have been killed due to the crisis and 27,000 others living as refuges and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs).

Andouba Usatie Moris,the hunted

Many international and local organisations have appealed to the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya to engage in a frank dialogue with the Anglophones in order to look for a lasting solution to the Crisis, but Biya has remained taciturn and uncommunicative.

Gunmen Attack Ecobank In Broad Daylight

The inhabitants of Nkwen were Tuesday, September 4; taken aback when some unidentified gunmen stormed the Northwest Regional branch of one of Cameroon’s foremost financial institutions, Ecobank, in broad daylight. During the attack, some two gendarme officers who were on guard were killed, while a private security officer and a hawker were also caught in the crossfire.

Of the five who died during the attack were: Wilfred Ndifor and his kids, whom, according to security forces, were in their private car packed besides the road at Ntasen.

The security report holds that Wilfred Ndifor and his kids were killed by stray bullets.Another victim,who was reportedly killed by soldiers, was Pa Njamshei.

The man was reportedly on his farm at Government Technical High School Nkwen,popularly known as Canada. He was busy harvesting his crops when a stray bullet snuffed life out of him. The deceased hailed from Ndu in Donga-Mantung Division.

Another Horror In Pinyin

Last weekend in Pinyin, Santa Subdivision, three civilians suspected to be Amba Fighters were reportedly killed after a serious gun battle with security forces that lasted for over three hours.

One of the villagers told The Post that: “As we are speaking, we have recovered three civilian corpses, because, the other three are said to have been Amba Fighters,” our sources that refused to be named, averred. The three civilian skilled were: Elias Khan Pennchang, Ignatius Awa Nkam and Bamuluh Tewa.

It would be recalled that the Pinyin-Menka massacre, where over 28 civilians were slain, is still fresh in the minds of the population.

In Bali, a woman whose names we got as Solange Ndasi and her children; Frank Ndasi and Ralpha Ndasi were reportedly arrested among other people by security forces.

The woman is said to be the wife of a staunch activist in the Anglophone struggle who was one of those initially arrested at the beginning of the crisis, Peter Dimah Ndasi, and who has been in hiding since August 1 that his house was razed, allegedly by security forces.

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