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Clinton Njié at the heart of a fake driver’s license in France

According to the television channel France 3, the Cameroonian international arrested last July, allegedly presented the French police with a false British driver’s license, before being unmasked some time later by the police.

Thursday, while Marseille was preparing to receive Lazio Rome in the Europa League, the French media revealed that Clinton Njie was arrested on July 22, in possession of a counterfeit driver’s license.

The OM striker was unmasked after a simple roadside check aboard his Bentley coupe while driving a little too fast in Marseille.


Still according to French television, the police, suspicious about the veracity of the license presented by the footballer, decided to appeal to a specialist in counterfeit documents. The latter delivered his verdict a few days later: the driving license of the former Tottenham player is “a fake rude, and his identification number is not registered by the British authorities.”

When questioned, the leaders of the Ligue 1 club preferred silence considering that it was a private matter. Clinton Njie meanwhile, is expected to report to the police in the coming days. He could be sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of 75,000 euros equivalent to 50 million CFA francs.

Journal Du Cameroun

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