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Born Manlikeclix  in Cameroon – Central West Africa, moved to Europe in 2006 where i studied Fashion designing at the Eastern Mediterranean University of North Cyprus. Later moved to London started studies in Cinematography/ photography and finally graduated at the SAE Institute of Berlin – Germany with a first degree in Photography/ Cinematography.
From a teenage age, i have always wanted to put together outfits that will represent different moods and feelings in different aspects of life , ranging from teenage age, mid ages to old ages and from retro, vintage, trending, up to date outfits etc with my prime influence Mr. Nzante Spee Arts an extraordinary unique fine art artist from Cameroon.
After visiting 29 countries and with my British /European influenced cultural way of life i am pleased to guide young fashionistas to the best combination of outfits , where to get them by the help of this blog.
Since i love traveling , i want to guide every young traveller to the best of my knowledge to all the countries i have been to and to the countries that i will go to, when to go , the cheapest ways to get there and recommendations to leisure spots for brain refreshment.
I am very pleased to help everyone look their best as fashion means telling people who you really are without saying a word.
Once again i appreciate you taking your time to visit my blog. Enjoy and feel free to contact me for any questions



Dapper Lifestyle , Tag a Dapper brother ?..
How to Mix a turtle neck with a trench coat ..Happy Sunday

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