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Coco Argentée Talks About Her Relationship

Coco Argentée and ex


Cameroonian female artist Coco Argentée in a recent question and answer game with the fans, pour out her bitter love experience.

Some years back, photos of the singer and a handsome man circulated on social media with messages of the singer’s engagement to the black Senegalese guy in the photo.

Years after, the whereabouts of the man is not known and nothing about the engagement has since then filtered. Quizzed on the whereabouts of the guy, the singer said “This is someone I respect a lot and for whom I will always have respect. Through him, I learned many things that have nourished me, many lessons of life. Many things did not work in the end,” Coco Argentée avered.

As to why the relationship did not work, she said: “Music is my priority which means that when a man finds me an artist, a musician, a singer, he must respect my profession, he must not seek to fight to get me out of the job that feeds me and my family.”

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