2019 Cup of Cameroon:List Of Clubs in 16th Final,Draws

The highly awaited draw ceremony was organized at the FECAFOOT headquarters in Tsinga this Thursday, May 23, 2019.

Defending champions Eding sports of the Lekie has been handed a tricky 16th final clash against PWD Social club of Bamenda.

Here are the 32 teams

1) Tonnerre Kalara club

2) Colombe of the Dja and Lobo

3) AS Fortuna

4) Dynamo of Douala

5) Canon of Yaounde

6) Dragon of yaounde

7) UMS of Loum

8) Foncha Street FC

9) Lion Blessé

10) Union of Douala

11) Stade Renard

12) Avion of Nkam

13) AS Matelots

14) Panthere of Nde

15) Leopard of Douala

16) Feutcheu FC

17) Winner FAP vs New style

18) Renaissance of Ngoumou

19) Etoa Meki

20) Ajax of Maroua

21) New Stars of Douala

22) PWD of Bamenda

23) Astres of Douala

24) Unisport vs Ngaoundere FC

25) Cotonsport of Garoua

26) Eding sports de la Lekie

27)A cademie La Forme Foot

28) Jeunesse Athletic of Obala

29) Yong Sports Academy

30) Fovu of Baham


32) OFTA of Kribi vs Soliel Sport Academy

The complete Draw

  1. Union of Douala,Unisport and Ngaoundere FC
  2. OFTA, Soleil Sport of Garoua, Panthere of Nde
  3. Tonnerre of Yaounde,Colombe of the Dja and Lobo
  4. Young Sports Academy,Coton Sport of Garoua
  5. Eding sports of the Lekie, PWD of Bamenda
  6. AS Fortuna of Yaounde vs Academie of La Forme Foot de Bafia

07.YAFOOT, Stade Renard of Melong

  1. Dynamo of Yaounde, Astre of Douala
  2. UMS of Loum, Fap Yaounde
  3. Avion Academie vs Jeunesse d’obala
  4. New Star of Douala, Feutcheu FC
  5. Leopard of Douala, AS Etoa Meki
  6. Foncha Street of Bamenda, Renaissance of Ngoumou
  7. 14.AS Matelot, Dragon of Yaounde
  1. Fovu of Baham, Canon of Yaounde
  2. Ajax FC of Maroua, Lion Blesse of Foutouni

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