SOBA America Convention: Members Criticise Mpafe William’s Decision To Bar Visiting Sobans From Convention

Sobans having fun at the Convention


-Some members of SOBA USA apartheid failed imposition of leadership.

-Mpafe William act like a thug to execute Divide and Rule in SOBA

-SOBA Caretaker Committee Writes to SOBA America

It was a very tense and highly emotional weekend (24-26 May 2019) in Baltimore USA as SOBANS of SOBA America met at the Hilton Convention Center, Inner Harbor, Baltimore MD, to elect a new executive for SOBA America for the next mandate.

Numbers flew into Baltimore from all over the US and the World. This meeting was thought to be an opportunity to enhance SOBA unity and confraternity but failed to meet such expectations.

Mpafe (left) and Barrister KAMENI (right)

The entire SOBA family and early guests to the epic event were treated to an all night welcome cookout by Dr Samuto at his residence on Thursday, May 23, 2019. This convivial effort opened the way to an anticipated very brotherly weekend as every Soban and some of the candidates postulating for elective office mixed with their electorates and pass their messages.

Sobans from Africa and the UK were present, classmates met and celebrated meeting together once more. Lebanese and friends interacted with hugs, laughs and sharing of buzz. This same atmosphere was seen at the welcome gala organised by SOBA America on Friday, May 24, 2019, at the Herzel Palace Multi-Cultural Center in Baltimore. As all shades of opinions were present and mixed up with lots of happiness, thanking God for journey mercies and looking forward to fun-filled elections the next day.

Members of SOBA Cameroon, SOBA UK and SOBA Ireland were all received with love and fraternity as they all enjoyed Life Music from a local band.

May 25 Convention Day And Controversy
Saturday, May 25 was the D-Day for the event to unfold and serve SOBA America with a new executive. Such a convention usually begins with a first part which entails the registration of all Sobans, visiting Sobans and Guests.

As this protocol phase of registration and entry to the Convention Hall was going on, we were reliably informed that some guests were being refused entrance from the Hall by Mpafe Williams (there were police officers called to secure the environment as they thought the elections might go violent) to the dismay and disappointment to many Sobans present.

Mpafe said the decision that some Sobans from UK and Cameroon should not take part at this stage of deliberations was taken by SOBA America NEC. This assertion by Mpafe was rebuffed by some members of the NEC.

In fact, this individually persecuted attitude by Mpafe William was considered as that of a thug to assist in imposing Professor Ngwafor and his classmate and fellow Victoria boy Joki Manga as the lone cocks to crow from the diaspora.

It is worthwhile mentioning that the said Mpafe William is of the 1979 and 1980 Class and those involved in his sadistic attitude were members of those classes.

Reactions From SOBANS
Speaking at the convention, some Sobans expressed their grievances regarding the Mpafe generated imbroglio. To them, the action is considered as condescending, low and primitive. They say SOBA is working towards unity and that further exacerbating such divides does not help SOBA.

Barrister Kameni at SOBA America Convention

Some say it is the exact situation in Cameroon were corrupt people run away from a problem by trying to deny it and enforce their will against others through forceful evictions. They regret it might implode and divide SOBA America more and that Mpafe owes an apology to SOBA America and those sons involved.

Some from SOBA Houston and Dallas say they will review this event when they meet and will come out with pronouncements. The President of SOBA UK, Ako Arrey said he was disrespected and insulted by such an action by a classmate who arrogated upon himself the right to react in such a shamelessly manner. He also explained that when later called to get to the hall he could not because every Soban from home and abroad MUST be granted access.

Meanwhile, the Chairman Emeritus Ngwa Aldrin and NEC member President Ngassa dissociated themselves with that decision and made it clear to all who wanted to hear that you do not refuse to accommodate a Soban when he comes to your convention.

On his part, Mpafe William said he was instructed to execute such regrettable act because Professor Ngwafor will not be comfortable in the Hall with the President of SOBA UK and Barrister Kameni present. Thus Mpafe was executing and propagating an agenda which was not that of SOBA America but that of Professor Ngwafor.

Sobans having fun at the Convention

He further said it was suspected that Barrister Kameni and Ako Arrey came to the US to disrupt the convention. This particular accusation was rubbished by almost all SOBANS we contacted who said they would have been allowed in and if any such thing occurs they could be escorted out.

“This is America for crying out loud!, ” said one son who described it as a typical Yaounde transported attitude.
Many congratulated the attitude and calm nature of both President Ako Arrey and Barrister Kameni who never responded to Mpafe William but respected SOBA America with their silence by allowing them to carry out their deliberations successfully.

It was also recognised that despite the purported misfeasance, Barrister Kameni was in the Gala and his presence effectively initiated osmosis as Professor Ngwafor ran out immediately he saw him taking pictures with many young sons as they celebrated his star-like presence.

Barrister Kameni Narrates What Happened

From the welcome dinner for early visiting SOBANS to the Gala was all fun and happy meetings.

The Caretaker Committee of SOBA was present at both the welcome dinner and the Gala. Internal issues concerning SOBA America were discussed and the organisers have the right to determine who they want to be part of their internal deliberations. That is an internal affair.

Barrister KAMENI on instructions from the Chairman of the CTC also congratulated Dr Fote Bertrand, during the Gala, for his brilliant campaign and election as President of SOBA America.

SOBA America like any other Chapter does not validate any administration of SOBA other than theirs. The SOBA General Assembly elects members to lead SOBA Cameroon and this matter had been solved on March 4, 2018, with the setting up of a Caretaker Committee by a duly constituted Revival General Assembly.

The Caretaker Committee shall be coming up soon with the project in respect of the mandate they were given. To wit; organising elections for SOBA Cameroon.

SOBAN – America

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