AFCON: CAS Rejects Comoros’ Case Against Cameroon


The Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas) has dismissed the appeals from the Comoros Football Federation (FFC) over Cameroon’s participation at the Africa Cup of Nations.

The FFC argued on 29 May that Cameroon should be excluded from the 2019 Nations Cup finals after having the hosting rights for the tournament withdrawn from them.

The FFC argued that the Confederation of African Football had failed to implement its own regulations concerning the action to be taken.

“On the basis of the evidence and arguments presented by the parties, the Cas Panel concluded that the appeals were inadmissible,” the court said in statement. 

It continued that the FFC “had no concrete sporting interest” in Cameroon being excluded, as that would result in Malawi qualifying for the finals rather than Comoros.

Cas also concluded “that the FFC had no sufficient legal interest in requesting that Fecafoot (Cameroon Football Federation) be suspended by Caf.”

Cameroon were originally due to appear at the Nations Cup as hosts but then had to qualify when Egypt were made hosts in January.

The Indomitable Lions qualified after finishing second in Group B behind Morocco, who also progressed to the Nations Cup finals.

Malawi, who were third in the group, and last-placed Comoros both missed out on going to Egypt.

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    Grantchester’s famous tea rooms have stirred up a storm after using sex scenes to plug evening of romance dinners.

    The Orchard Tea Garden uploaded a photo of among the easiest steamier moments in the hit film Love Actually to its Facebook page.

    Depicting actors Joanna Page and Martin Freeman as porn movie stand ins re-creating sexual positions, It possesses the caption: “Had they just had their valentines Dinner at the Orchard Tea Garden Grantchester, Cambridge,

    Read MoreMan dragged and beaten in alley during weekend of violence and criminal damage in Cambridgeshire town

    Debbie Pine shown: “I’m all for a bit of humour but at best this is really inappropriate and disrespectful,

    But other customers thought everything was just a storm in a tea cup.

    phil Williman said: “If this is how are you affected there now… Book me a craps table,

    Stephen selling, royal prince Charles, va Woolf, Rupert Brooke and Alan Turing are all famous moviegoers of the tea rooms.

    robin the boy wonder Callan, The tea garden’s numerous owner who saved the Orchard from redevelopment, Bequeathed what he rang “God’s minimal amount of acre” To charity when he died in April 2014 rrn order that, In which of Rupert Brooke, They remain “almost forever England,

    New managers have now bought out the tea garden.

    Charles bunker, manager, says: “We are naturally very sorry if our latest posting on Facebook is mainly responsible for offence.

    “It was the last in a five photograph campaign to promote our Valentine’s Day dinner menu which we are offering for the first-time. The photograph comes from the film Love Actually which is rated certificate 12 and Facebook has an over 16 age responsibility.

    “All the images have a love theme and bit of fun about them which, Given romantic days celebration dinner is an evening event, Does not detract from our principle focus of relatives and tourists. Naturally we will bear all comments in mind when we promote our next event that is to be for lunch on Mothering Sunday,

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