Cameroon to deploy 15,000km of fibre optic

Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL), the state-owned telecommunications operator, plans to deploy over 15,000 kilometers of optical fiber to improve the quality of communication in the country, reports said on Thursday.

This public company, of which, a recent decree by President Paul Biya announces the opening to private shareholders, holds the monopoly on fiber optics and already claims the deployment of 12,000 km in the country.

In its 4th hase of development, the project aims to achieve an additional coverage of 3,500 km, or a linear of 15,500 km of optical fiber.

“We are in a logic of development of this infrastructure and expect to reach 15,000 km of optical fiber by next year,’ the communication and marketing division of the telecommunications operator says.

Apart from internal connections, CAMTEL claims some intra-community projects within the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa (CEMAC) and neighboring Nigeria.

These include the 18 billion CFA francs connection project of the Equatorial Guinea Telecommunication Infrastructure Management Company (GITGE).



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