League 1: PWD Bda Resurrect, Send Message To Public

A decision by the Homologation and Disciplinary Committee of the Cameroon Professional Football League has seen PWD Bamenda staying in the country’s top-flight football.

PWD Bamenda aka Abakwa Boys had been relegated after a win and four draws during the just ended playoffs.

However, a protest against Les Astres of Douala for fielding in an ineligible player in their game against New Stars has seen them brought back to League 1.

This has been received with an official message from the club’s authorities thanking fans, mediamen among others.



The management of PWD by this communiqué wishes to inform the supporters and fan of PWD Bamenda and the general public that following a decision of the Homologation and Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League (LFPC), Astres of Douala has lost three points on the general classification table of the Playoff-Down for fielding an unqualified player in their match against News Stars counting for the 5th and last day of play.

This means PWD of Bamenda gains one place up the Playoff-Down standing, and occupies the 3rd place on the log on 7 points, behind Fovu (10 points) and Union of Douala (8 points) and above Astres of Douala (7 points), News Stars (4 points) and Unisport (1 point)

It should be noted that New Stars of Douala had challenged the qualification of the player Tangi Eric Atoh for playing for Astres FC when he still has a binding contract with Botafogo FC of Doaula.

PWD through a voluntary submission also observed the same irregularity following a complaint to the League dated June 12.

The Secretary General of the LFPC had also on June 11 seized on the Homologation and Disciplinary Committee of the League as well for possible violation of FECAFOOT rules and regulation governing the transfer of players.

The protest of the SG of the League was judged admissible and deliberated upon, leading to the suspension of the player Tangi Eric for two seasons and Astres losses three points in the concern match.

Because the protest of New Star was judged inadmissible, New Stars does not gain any point on the general classification table. And because PWD and Astres had played to zero all tie in their head-to-head clash, they were differentiated on goals scored since they had equal goal difference.

By this Communiqué, the management of PWD Bamenda thank all, most especially the supporters and fans, the press and the players who have stood by the team throughout this period.

Preparation for the new season starts now. A tentative program will be communicated soon.

CMO-PWD Bamenda
Abongwa Fozo

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