Southwest Regional League: As It Happened On Super Sunday

Continental FA

By Basil K Mbuye

The Southwest Regional League matches counting for matchday 9 in Pools A and B and matchday 13 in Pool C took place on Sunday, June 16 in the region.

It was a day filled with so many actions like never before as the first phase of the league draws to an end. With some battling for survival to stay in the Regional championship, others continue to battle for the top positions in the various pools.

The fireworks in the six games that took place in the region saw a total of 18 goals scored with 10 from the homesides while 8 came from the visitors.

Just a single game ended on parity while the rest five games saw the homesides winning three and two for the visitors.

Continental FA 3-2 EEMSA

With the top position of the Pool still open for this encounter, the homeside Continental FA went in for this with all their arsenals. Coming after a 3-0 spanking from Buea United, the Gra Gra Boys put on a formidable display that saw them inflicting more misery on the inconsistent EEMSA.

CUSA 2-0 Mount Cameroon FC

The Buea derby was a mouthwatery encounter as both sides know each other well and with the group top spot open, it was a battle to keep Mini Interpools dreams alive.CUSA definitely did not take their chances after getting news that then leaders EEMSA had been beaten by Continental FA.  They showed no mercy as they demolished the Lava Boys 2-0.

FUSSA 2-3 Buea United FC

After a 6-0 thrashing in the last game by CUSA, FUSSA playing at home needed to please their fans that had left Buea with their tails in between their legs. For Buea United, they needed to keep their Mini Interpools dreams alive. This, the boys of gaffer Coach Alabas gave all they had to get their first back to back victory in the league for the first time in two years.

ISOHSA 2-0 Ajax Likomba

The boys of President Karl Mokake showed their visitors no hospitality in the town of friendship as they walloped them 2-0 to continue to mount pressure on group leaders with the championship drawing to an end.

Victoria United 1-1 Prisons Buea

The two legendary clubs in the region had nothing to fight for but for pride. The two sides have little or no hope of making it into the Mini Interpools after a poor and inconsistent form throughout the league.  The encounter finally ended with both sides sharing the spoils.

Tiko United FC 0-2 Best Stars Academy

The 2008 Cameroon top flight champions, Tiko United aka Samba Boys failed to dance the Samba dance at home as visiting Best Stars of Limbe had a 2-0 easy ride over their host. It was a much needed victory for the Limbe side as they need to secure a ticket for the Mini Interpools.

Meanwhile, it was a day for the players of Little Foot, LIFCA, CINYODEV FA and NQSA to watch from the stands as their clubs were all exempted on this day.


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