Cameroonians abroad warned off violent demo during Biya trip

The ambassador of Cameroon in Switzerland, Leonard Bindzi on Tuesday, warned his compatriots living in Europe against violence during demonstrations planned for Geneva next Saturday as President Paul Biya embarks on a private visit to the city.

Biya and the first lady left Yaoundé, on Sunday “for a short private stay in Europe,” apparently resuming his trips abroad, after staying in his country for nine months without traveling.

Describing the protesters’ approach as a “barbarian project,” the diplomat said in a statement that “the personal risks incurred by the violators of the regulations in force in Switzerland, as well as the possible slippage of the violent acts of ransacking envisaged at the Intercontinental Hotel,” where the Biyas usually stay during their trips to Switzerland.

Bindzi said, the movements of discontent of Cameroonians against the head of state “are an expression of hatred, violence and tribalism,” which according to him are attitudes contrary to patriotism and love for their country of origin.

The diplomat’s reaction comes in the wake of protest calls by a group called “Anti-Sardinards Brigade” (BAS), consisting of fierce opponents of the regime in Yaoundé.

. They are at the origin of the so-called “June 29, 2019 Operation Cap sur Geneve,” which intends to protest against ‘dictator’ Biya’s presence in Switzerland on the grounds that he violates the rights of his compatriots back home.

“The last showdown with Paul Biya starts on Saturday in Geneva. No one challenges BAS,” the group writes on social media.

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