Soppo Inter-Quarter Competition Kicks-off 15 Years After

Monday Sharp FC of Soppo

The prestigious Soppo holidays football tournament in Buea, dubbed Street 7 Inter-quarter football, was relaunched on Saturday, July 6.

The competition, which has not taken place for over a decade,saw the launching pitting Life Di Play FC against Monday Sharp FC. At the end, it was Monday Sharp FC that carried the day after edging their opponents 1-0.

The competition is organised by BawelFonCrisantus,a Buea-based businessman with initiative from Barristers AgborBalla and Jumuton Jerry Fombon.

While taking the kick-off, the sponsor,BawelFon, called on the teams taking part in the competition to demonstrate high level of fair play as they gun for the trophy in this year’s edition of the tournament.

Speaking to reporters after the launching, BawelFon said one of the reasons for organising the tournament was to enhance unity, among other values.

“We organised this competition to bring the youths of Soppo together like we used to do in the past. This was initiated by Barrister Jumuton Jerry Fombon who invited Barrister AgborBalla and me. It was a nice initiative and we both supported it since we believe that it can boost unity and bring people together,” BawelFon said.

The Soppo neighbourhood is said to have been a breeding ground for many football talents in Buea municipality and many believe that the revamping of the tournament years after will help enhance young talents.

The tournament is unlike other tournaments since it is played on a small pitch which they call in football parlance, “Small Pole”.

The tournament, which has a total of seven teams divided into two pools, will last for almost two months. Going by the organiser, there is still room for registration despite the commencement of the competition.

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