Middle Farms Dust Field Tourney:It Will Only Get Better- Sakwe Derek Ndinde

Derek Sakwe Ndinde


By Dean Mongo Eyieh

South Africa based business magnet and one of the major sponsors of this year’s Middle Farms Dust field interquarters football extravaganza believes the annual soccer party will only get better.

Derek Sakwe Ndinde was speaking as the curtains were drawn on Saturday with Backayard Fc overpowering Infinitive Carrefour Fc 2-0 to secure the title, their first in the history of the tournament.

The enthusiasm and the fanfare that accompanied the tournament from start to finish was not so much for the tournament but rather that a man waxen strong has decided to give back to his community.

The heavy cash injection by Sakwe Derek Ndinde, Choh Lawrence and the Lord Mayor of the Limbe One Council have come in for deserved praise and according to Sakwe Derek Ndinde lovers of the sport have just seen a tip of the iceberg.

” We have just started a long journey which we hope will change the phase of our community. It’s not all about the game we love but inspiring others and changing mentalities”, he said

” We grew here and are conscious of the daily realities of life. If we are successful today its thanks to our never say die altitude and others can also rise above their current difficulties”,  Sakwe Derek added

The prize money for this year’s edition was FCFA 700, 000 while the runners-up backed home FCFA 500,000. All twelve participating teams received 50,000frs and the prize for the best Fairplay team went to Little Foot FC.

There were some individual awards that were donated by Choh Terence and Sakwe Derek.

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