ANADA Football Association Exports Talents Abroad

By Basil K Mbuye

Buea-based football academy, ANADA Football Association, has exported its first set of young football talents abroad, reveals its President, Jarvis Zenwen Akeh.

The academy recently saw four of their players Joseph NjieElongoLyonga(17), Micheal Lyonga Mbua(16), Augustine Kombe Liwunja(15)and Bill Rowlins Bamboh(15)all selected by the TFA Football Academy in Dubai. They will take part in the Dubai Under-17 league which will serve as preparation for their placement in clubs in Europe and the USA.

Talking to The Post, 17-year-old Joseph Njie Elongo Lyonga expressed joy to the “life changing opportunity” and thanked the management for the wonderful job.

“I am very happy for this life changing opportunity. Since coming to ANADA I have witnessed so much progress in my football and also my spiritual life,” Elongo said.

He was corroborated by Bill Rowlins Bamboh who believes that they are abroad to set a standard and also to make Cameroonians proud. He goes further to say it is a privilege that they are the first batch to represent ANADA abroad. He also promised that they will do their best to set a good example for others to follow.

According to the President, Jarvis Zenwen Akeh, ANADA, created in 2017, has achieved so much success in the fields of education, health, socials and skills development of the young players. The academy also promotes the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To match football and education, the academy organises annual back-to-school leadership and skills development football tournaments. Seminars are also organised to drill the teenage players on the fight against drug abuse and crime wave among youths through football activities.

Since its creation some two years ago, ANADA has organised junior tournaments for academies in the Region which has witnessed a rise in participation.



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