Serge Kouoh Kolla, The Brain Behind NQSA


Serge Kouoh Kolla

By Dean Mongo Eyieh

He may be the most unheralded member of Njalla Quan Sports Academy, NQSA, but the club’s Technical Director Kouoh Koulla Jean Serges is the driving force behind the success of the academy.

After years of stagnation on the pitch and a state of wholescale disrepair the master tactician has helped galvanized and condition the players since joining the club in 2017.

His iron will and the belief that fitness and conditioning the body would go along way to conquer any obstacle thrown infront of NQSA has changed the fortunes of club.

Serge Kouoh Kolla has rolled out a training regime which has revolutionized the academy.

He has an accompanying role which includes leading the club’s player recruitment strategy, implementing a philosophy of play from the first team to the youth setup and creating a clear development path for the club the re-emergence.

Scouting the opposition and talking tactics has brought considerable success in the most recent past.

His quiet nature has often made football pundits redirect praises that ought to have been rightly apportioned to him .

Simple put Serge Kouoh Kolla is the unsung hero at NQSA unless you are a fan of the club you would well struggle to identify him.

Serge Kouoh Kolla has a reputable pedigree having had spells with Caiman, AS Bethel of Beroua and Lion Blesse which he guided to the Elite Division.

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