National Security Boss Issues Arrest Warrant For Bumamboh & Co


By Collins Ashu

Government authorities are said to be on their hunches having received a hint from sources that the notorious teacher and former staff representative of GBHS Tiko, Bumamboh Terence Tanila who is said to be one of the subversive elements behind the current Ambazonia Crisis, is in the country.

The authorities have been on a hunt for him for more than two years now and they were made to believe he had left the country due to fear of what might befall him once they arrest him. The authorities had plans to neutralise him based on the charges of insurrection, secession and terrorism.

Bumamboh Tanila

In 2017, his father passed away and our sources revealed that plain clothes security officers were at the funeral hoping to find him and make the grand arrest.

However, he was nowhere to be found. The police was hinted that he came into the country earlier in October to carry out traditional rituals his father asked him to perform as his custom demands they must be performed.

The authorities have detained the police commissioner and police officers who were on duty on the day it was believed he got into the country. Reports have it that the policemen all sworn not to have seen him. While investigations are in progress, the officers remain in custody for continuous interrogation.

The authorities believe that the presence at the activist in the country will lead to him further encouraging teachers and the people to take actions against government’s policy. The authorities claim he has been supporting the protests all these years with ideas, strategies and funding.

It is said the authorities want him and his wife dead or alive. Several warrants have been issued already and his picture posted at several police, court and other Government offices around the country in an attempt to get him.

Authorities at the airport and at Cameroon-Nigeria border, have been informed of his alleged crime of secession and terrorism and have been made to understand that if he is found, the news of his apprehension most reach Yaounde authorities not more than 15 minutes.

The Government believes the crisis will die down if Bumamboh Tanila, among others, are arrested and is calling on all well-wishing Cameroonians to help secure a better Cameroon.

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