Preseason: Istanbul FA Suffers First Historic Defeat


By Basil K Mbuye

Fako League side Istanbul Football Academy of Buea, IFAB, suffered their first historic defeat since creation in the hands of Southwest Regional League side Prisons Social Club.

The friendly encounter saw the homeside Prisons SC taking the lead in the first segment of the game to score the lone goal in the derby. When play ended in the first segment, IFAB, for the first time since its creation were trailing for the first time since creation in an encounter after the first segment.

Despite a combination of beautiful play from the attacking machinery of IFAB headed by Clovis Ngalame, they failed to bring down the resilient back four of Prisons SC.

Both sides will go on recess with the Home Boys maintaining their 1-0 lead despite a better possession enjoyed by the visiting IFAB.

With changes made resulting to the inclusion of firebrand attackers for IFAB like Takang Frankline, their contributions failed to rescue a point for IFAB.

The game ended 1-0 with IFAB suffering their first defeat since creation months ago.

IFAB had earlier on in their friendly games beaten Regional League clubs like Buea United FC, Little Foot FC and ISOHSA all away.

However, the club is yet to suffer any official defeat as they await the beginning of the Fako League championship.

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