Cinyodev FA, Istanbul FA Announced First Check Point Derby

By Basil K Mbuye

The beginning of a rivalry between two darling clubs in the Molyko vicinity in Buea will begin on Friday, December 6 when Cinyodev FA will face newly created Istanbul FA for the first time.

This might breed a rivalry that football historians will live to write and talk about. This is the clash of the Checky Boys: A tale of one quarter, two clubs and the quest for victory.

Cinyodev FA playing at the Southwest Regional League will face Fako League side Instanbul FA in a much-anticipated game that will take place at the BGS Molyko field.

The creation of Istanbul FA by a friend and former player of Cinyodev FA has separated the Check Point population in Molyko.

Although a friendly, one should remember that football is a competitive game. We measure our progress against others, in friendlies, leagues and cups, and the general idea is to win.

But some wins are better than others and this is what will happen when these two sides meet.

There’s no feeling quite like a victory in a derby match against your nearest opponents. Sometimes it can help to win a league or cup, on other occasions it might seal your promotion or their relegation, but there’s no such thing as a meaningless derby.

However, derbies no matter what is at stake, are the games that decide who laughs last and loudest in the office, classroom, school and forum. These are the games you love to win and hate to lose.

They can make or break your season – longer, if you’re in different divisions, this is the case of this friendly between these brotherly clubs.

For the first time in history, two Check Point teams are simultaneously tilting for glory as they compete in an artistic battle orchestrated with a synchronisation worthy of the flare of reviving football enthusiasm in the town.

Though a friendly, it will be a game with delirium and all the outrageous swings of emotion that fall not very far short of hysteria.

The history that is about to be written on the Check Point Derby to some pundits is that of a sporting divorce.

This is because a ‘brother’ and former player of Cinyodev FA created Istanbul FA.

Some will say it is a story of football’s odd couple.

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