BONAVADA Christmas Holiday Football Championship Kicks Off

Bova United FC

By Basil K Mbuye

The maiden edition of the BONAVADA Christmas Holiday Football Championship Kicks Off commenced on Sunday, December 23 at the Upper Bokova Community Field with.

Bokova Young Stars FC

The first game that was to pit CYF Ladies of Bokwai against Gentle Ladies of Bova in the female category could not take place as CYF Ladies of Bokwai failed to show up.

However, in the main category, it was visiting Bova United FC from Bova 1 and 2 villages that stunned the home side Bokova Young Stars FC 1-0 in a highly contested encounter.

Despite playing at home, Bokova Young Stars failed to shine as it was the united Bova side that rather played as if they were at home.

The tournament which is organised for the 13 villages (Bokulu, Bokwai, Bonakanda, Bonganjo, Boteva, Bova 1 &2, Bwiteva, Bwitingi, Ewonda, Mwangai, Upper Bokova and Upper Bolifamba) that made up the BONAVADA community is organised by Mbua Emmanuel Mbua.

Going by the organiser Mbua Emmanuel Mbua, the objective of the tournament is to promote friendship, unity and solidarity, keep youths away from negative practices such as drug abuses, sexual promiscuity, to give exposure to hidden football talents and for the youths in the community to have fun amongst others.

It features clubs in both the female and male categories. The female category is made up of three clubs: CYF Ladies of Bokwai, Gentle Ladies of Bova and German Ladies FC of Bonakanda village.

Meanwhile, in the male category, a total of six clubs will take part. These are Bwiteva United FC, Rising Stars FC of Bonakanda, Zion FC of Upper Bokova, Bova United FC of Bova 1 and 2, Bokova Young Stars FC of Upper Bokova and New Buea FC of Bwiteva village layout.

The tournament is scheduled to run for a period of two weeks that is from December 23 to January 5, 2020.

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