End Of Year Speech By President Of PWD Bamenda

PWD of Bamenda President Pascal Abunde (in blue top) talking to supporters an players


Dear fans and supporters of PWD Of Bamenda,
We are at the close of another year, one that has seen our team, PWD of Bamenda go through some very challenging moments and some very memorable ones too. As we take a short break for the end of year festivities, I think it’s appropriate we all take a quick look at the road covered so far, where we are now and what can be done to improve on whatever we have achieved.
We ended last season with litigations and unfortunately started this with more litigations. These legal battles have taken their toll on us. But Thank God we are still sailing, and not only sailing, but on safe and calm water thanks to the efforts we have put in to achieve this stability.
Our team is on a fine run of results, currently second on the table after 15 matches played on 28 points, 22 goals scored and 13 conceded.   We are three points away from the current league leader with 19 more matches to go. We are also on a fine run of results now, 8 matches unbeaten. This is a momentum if we can maintain, will certainly fetch us a prize by the end of this campaign.
But carrying this run of form into the New Year will not be easy. It will require every one of us to go beyond our current sacrifices to be there. It’s usually said; it’s when it gets tough that men distinguish themselves from boys. If we want to be men, then we must prove it. The challenges ahead of us are enormous and I will like to throw these questions back to us all;
1- How do we maintain this current form?
2- How can we keep the motivation flowing?
3- How can we assist management to continue doing its work?
4- How can we help the communication department of the team to continue boosting our team’s image?
5- And how can we sustain the PWD project for as long as it takes?
When I look at these, I know the road ahead is longer and if we must rise to the occasion then we will need to go beyond what we have already done to be here.
I will use this opportunity to thank the supporters who have taken up the challenge to help motivate the players in every match both financially and morally, the players and the technical staff that have not spared any sweat  to give us this deserved position and the communication department of the team that is leaving no stone unturned.
I also send a special thank you to the press that has stood besides us through the trying and good moments. Let us continue to build on this good relationship.
I will not also forget the efforts of the administrative staff that helps in oiling our daily machinery and above all the Management Committee and the Board of Directors of the Holding Company for all they do on and behind the stage for our successes.
The “PWD in the Community Project” started 5 years ago and has as mission to create a strong and sustainable professional elite football team with strong institutions. National silverware and continental  participation constitute part of our long term ambitions. We now need to drive it into the next stage;  sustainability and results. It has taken us so much sacrifices and effort to be here.
In our stive to continuously develop our team,  we shall soon create two new categories,  a PWD Cadet team that will take part in the youth football championship and a female team that will equally take part in the female football championship.
 Now is the time for you to fully commit to this project in your own small sphere. Let us not let PWD down. That is why I challenge us to look for the best winning formula for this team in strict respect of the Bylaws of the Social Club . Let us put our best foot forward.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020.
Pascal Abunde
The President General PWD Bamenda

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