Hoshala Eboa Hailed After Victory Over Best Stars



By Basil K Mbuye


The performances of Isle of Hope Sports Academy, ISOHSA, skipper Hoshala Eboa Besumbu was praised by the club’s Team Manager John Njie Tita after a 2-0 defeat over rivals Best Stars.

The midfielder put on a splendid performance as the club outplayed city rivals in the first game of the season 2-0. Hoshala Eboa was involved in both goals that saw Afafa and his side keeping their first clean sheet in 2020.

Speaking after the game the club’s Team Manager, John Njie Tita, praised the Man of The Match Hoshala Eboa Besumbu. According to him, the attitude of the skipper is the reason why he is excelling today.

“He is a disciplined player, workaholic and also punctual. He is focused in training and matches.

“He is very decisive and knows when to take personal action. I am confident that he will be a better player tomorrow,” Njie said.

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