NQSA 1-1 Victoria United:We Showed The Stuff We are Made Of-Serge Kouoh Kolla

NQSA Technical Director Serge Kouoh Kolla

By Dean Mongo Eyieh

The Technical Director of NQSA Serge Kouoh Kolla says there is plenty of encoyragements to take into the future after his lads showed class and quality in their opening game of the season against Southwest regional league heavyweight Victoria United on Sunday at the Limbe Community Field.

Moutsio Ulrich put the academicians infront in the first half but were left hard done by when a late penalty was awarded to Opopo.

However, Serge Kouoh Kolla said he was pleased with the quality of the performance and character display on against an experienced Victoria United side.

“We played against a very experienced team today and we showed the stuff we are made of. While the performance today was encouraging there is still room for improvement. I think the lads have the character and mental toughness to go places” he said

Sunday’s paints a clear picture that the Southwest Regional football championship is no longer a luxury and that’s why Serge Kouoh Kolla wants his lads to build on that solid foundation.

Confidence is sky high at NQSA but the technical director insists the prestigious football academy will not walk away from its principal objective of nurturing young talents.

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