Southwest Championship: Lifca Scribe Denies Corruption Allegations

Lifca’s Secretary-General Abong Clextus


By Dean Mongo Eyieh

Lifca’s Secretary-General Abong Clextus has said allegations of corruption made by the President of Options Sports Academy against the club are unfounded and misleading.

President Awantoh Henry Neba caused an uproar on Sunday after his side’s 1-1 draw with Lifca on the opening day of the 2019/2020 Southwest regional championship after stating that his team was robbed by bad officiating.

The newly-promoted side was one goal up at the time when Lifca were awarded a contentious penalty with ten minutes remaining.

President Awantoh Henry Neba continues to argue that the referee made the wrong call and has blamed some invisible hands at Lifca for the outcome of the results.

Speaking on Ocean City Radio, the Secretary-General of Lifca Abong Clextus quickly rejected those allegations.

According to him, those fabricating these lies are the handiwork of a frustrated mind who wants to gains cheap points.

” For the records, Lifca has never been involved in any match-fixing. Those propagating these falsehoods must take full responsibility for their actions.

At Lifca we believe in Fairplay and the role of law. We have shown in the past that we are a growing football firm destined to achieve our goals through hard work.

It’s sad to say that the President of Options Sports academy has caught a frustrating figure and is looking for who to blame for his club failings on Sunday”.We are a professional club with integrity and honesty,” Abong Clextus explained

He also revealed that the management of Lifca is considering launching a lawsuit against individuals seeking to dirty the image of the club for selfish gains.

” In the coming days, the picture would be made clearer. We can’t rule out taking legal action against anyone whose duty is to undermine efforts made by the club hierarchy,” he added.

Lifca would be exempted on Match week two while Options Sports Academy will exchange fire with Fussa.

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