Cameroon imposes 20% precautionary freeze on some administrations’ budgets to ensure proper budget implementation

Business in Cameroon  | Reading through the circular that sets the framework for the implementation of the 2020 Finance bill, it appears that Cameroonian administrations must impose both budgetary discipline and rigour on themselves and appropriate the regulatory measures (quarterly quotas and precautionary freezes) necessary for the proper implementation of the budget.

“All appropriations for the purchase of goods and services are subject to a precautionary freeze of 20%, with the exception of sovereign administrations. In order to ensure a better distribution of credits over the fiscal year and a balance between credits to be consumed and cash flow, commitment quotas are notified quarterly to the heads of ministerial departments and heads of organizations, who are responsible for declining them according to the objectives assigned to their respective structures. To this end, each administration will prioritize its needs within the limits of those notified to it,” the circular states.

With regard specifically to salaries, the quotas of payroll adjustments will be notified monthly to the various administrations, in accordance with the available budgetary provisions. As for the public investment budget, they are not subjected to commitment quotas. The same applies to budgetary support provisions.

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