Chaibula Ndi Heleins Hits Brace On Options SA Debut

Chaibula Ndi

 By Basil K Mbuye

Options Sports Academy new signing 19-year-old Chailuba Ndi Heleins scored a sensational brace on his debut to help his team sailed into the next round of the Southwest region’s Cup of Cameroon playoffs.

The forward who joined the club just this season from Tatecam scored his first goal from the penalty spot at the 27th minute. With his side squandering chances as they dominate the game, Ndi could be seen setting up his teammates up front with interval passes.

 Being a torn on the flesh of the Continental FA defenders, the 19-year-old made the most of the confidence bestowed on him by his gaffer Daniel Walindjom.


His pace, dribbling skills, vision and his ability to set up his teammates were some of the things that singled him out in his debut.


His efforts will repair him at the 30th minute when a deflected shot from the teenager saw him sealing a sensational brace on his debut.


Speaking to reporters after the game, the Man of The Match Chailuba Ndi Heleins thanked his coach and teammates for making his debut a memorable one.


Hear him: “It was my first game and I wanted to make my mates and coach happy. That is why I had to put in my best that saw the goals coming and the victory at the end of it all”.

He goes further to say he will continue working hard to see that he achieve his objectives and also help the club rich greater level.

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