Options SA Show Solidarity To Victoria United FC

Options SA showing solidarity as Victoria United FC club anthem goes on

By Basil K Mbuye

 The solidarity shown by Limbe based side Options Sports Academy to Victoria United FC aka OPOPO took many onlookers by surprise as they joined OPOPO supporters to sign their club anthem.

 Ahead of their game against Prisons Buea, the players and supporters of Options SA joined forces with the few Victoria United FC supporters that made it to the Tiko Town Green Stadium on Sunday.

 Standing with their one hand on their chest and the other pointing up, Options SA supporters, players and staff sang the anthem of the legendary club.

In the past years, football in the region has been struggling as a result of the fact that instead of being a unifying factor in the region, it has turned out to make more foes than friends.

 They have been reports of Southwest clubs putting stumbling blocks to halt the progress of others. Some club presidents have even threatened to sack some of their staff for showing solidarity to their coaches.

 It has shown that the problem with Southwest football has been the lack of collaboration which has greatly hindered the growth of the region’s football.

 However, the solidarity shown on Sunday in Tiko by the club of the emblematic president Awantoh Henry Neba to Victoria United FC is a sign that collaboration is gradually returning.

Speaking on social media, Options SA President, Awantoh Henry Neba said what his club did was but normal. “Options SA is the first son of OPOPO. The blood of love runs through our hearts. We shall stand by OPOPO forever,” Awantoh said.

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