Istanbul FA Vice President Urges Players To Be More Discipline, United

IFAB Vice President Bisson Jeremy Moki


By Basil K Mbuye

The Vice President of Istanbul Football Academy, Bisson Jeremy Moki has urged his players to be more disciplined and united as the club begins its quest for fame and success.

 He was speaking after the newly created Fako League club in the Southwest Region walloped Njalla Quan Sports Academy 2-0 in the 2nd Round of the Cup of Cameroon playoffs in the region.

Going by him, without unity and discipline goals cannot be attained as these are the qualities that lead to success.

Hear him: “Without discipline and unity we cannot go anywhere. If we have a squad of 10 Ronaldinho but don’t have unity and discipline, we will not achieve our objectives. Unity is the keyword. You have to be your brother’s keeper and I assure you that we will write the name of the club and our names on the annals of football history.”

Created some few months ago, Istanbul FA is the lone Divisional League club still in the Cup of Cameroon playoffs in the region.

Since its creation, they have played close to 12 games and have suffered just three defeats. They also won the maiden edition of the Ako Eyong Sports Management Buea Preseason Tournament.


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