SW Cup of Cameroon Playoffs: Istanbul FA Wallop Nkamanyi FI 3-0

Istanbul FA Buea


By Basil K Mbuye

Istanbul FA of Buea walloped visiting Nkamanyi FI of Kumba 3-0 in the final round of the Cup of Cameroon playoffs in the Southwest Region.

Although a newly created Fako League side that is yet to play an official league game, Istanbul showed no mercy to the newly promoted Southwest Regional League side.

Playing at the Molyko Omnisport Stadium, the backyard of Istanbul FA, the Molyko-based club started the show at the 25th minute when Cyrille Patrick overshadow a Nkamanyi defender to slot the ball in between the legs of goalkeeper Fotinatus Fomukong. Fomukong will make a comeback to remove the ball but it has already crossed the finished line.

Nkamanyi FI

A goal down, Nkamanyi FI mounted more pressure to reduce tally but all went in vain. The first stanza of the game will end with the Molyko side leading 1-0.

When play will resume in the second stanza, Istanbul increased the tempo of the game and at the 74th-minute skipper, Yannick Ebangha Akum increased the tally to 2-0.

Six minutes later Ignatius Ojong put an icing on the cake to make it 3-0 as Istanbul FA consolidate their ticket to represent the region at the Cup of Cameroon.

The victory saw them becoming the first Divisional League club in the region to represent the region at the Cup of Cameroon without playing a single League game yet.

Istanbul FA created some three months ago is yet to play a single game in the Fako League which they are registered in.

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