Southwest Championship: FUSSA Coach Blames FECAFOOT,Refs For Team’s Humiliating Defeat

By Dean Mongo Eyieh

Coach Eboumbou Jacques Marcel has pointed accusing finger at Officials of the Southwest bureau of fecafoot and poor refereeing decisions for Fussa 7-1 thumping at the hands of Options Sports Academy on Saturday.
Coach Eboumbou is ‘seeking clarification’ from  Southwest Fecafoot after    he was forced to drop some of his key players on match day because their licenses weren’t ready.
Speaking after the game the coach said:
”  The bureau is still to provide fifteen of our paid licenses. The  President , Secretary General as well as the administrative clerk are aware of the situation but sadly nothing has changed. Yesterday we made efforts to resolve this issue but unfortunately officials of the league were playing games”
Despite lauding the visitors for their style of play, Coach Eboumbou feels the outcome could have been different if the officiating would have been objective.
”Options Played well, I can take it away from them. No doubt they won the match in convincing fashion but at the same time, the level of the officiating was indeed questionable”
” It’s not in my nature to comment on the quality and efficiency of our referees. If we want to send the right team to national playoffs then I referees must learn to be neutral”
His comments are wide of the mark as the majority of the crowd who turned out on matchday believe he is simply crying under the rain

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