Bangalore, India – Kidney racket bust: Cameroonian held

Tah Bverka Jaff Declan

Bangalore Mirror  | Misusing the name of a city-based reputed urologist, a group of organised criminals suspected to be foreign nationals cheated more than 300 people by assuring them they would be paid Rs 4 crore for a kidney and asking them to deposit some money towards registration fees, hospital processing and other fees, into their bank accounts.

Most of the victims filed their complaints in Banaswadi and some at other police stations across the city. The accused used the name of urologist Dr Gokula Krishnan PJ and claimed they worked with a private hospital in Banaswadi.

When contacted, the urologist told BM that he too has filed a complaint with the police as his name is being misused. He added that when people called him after being duped by the accused, he directed them to the Banaswadi police station to file complaints. Central Crime Branch (CCB) sleuths have managed to arrest one of the gang members, who is from Cameroon. The police are in the process of taking the foreigner into custody. They that there could easily be around 15 members in the gang.

Modus operandi

The gang would create fake websites such as, and give out contact details. When the victims called them, they would chat on WhatsApp and would also communicate on WhatsApp calls. They would offer Rs 4 crore per sold kidney. Once the victims fell to their ploy, the gang would make them deposit money as registration, hospital processing, insurance and other fees. They would open accounts in various banks and make the victims send money to these. Since the accused posed as Dr Gokula Krishnan, the victims also began calling the urologist and also approached the hospital in Banaswadi. When they came to know they had been cheated, they filed complaints.

The Cameroonian who has been arrested by the CCB sleuths is identified as Tah Bverka Jaff Declan, a resident of Bagalur Main Road. The CCB sleuths recovered five mobile phones, multiple SIM cards, pen drives, cheque books and other documents from him.

Dr. Gokula Krishnan explained that selling kidney is illegal in the country. “There should be more public awareness on this. Many people called me after falling prey to fraudsters. This fraud has been going on since the last three months. I filed a complaint with the Banswadi police station in November last year, as by name is being misused by the fraudsters,” the doctor added.

One of the victims, identified as N Dikshit, a resident of Tumakuru Road, told BM that he had financial problems and had decided to sell one of his kidneys.

“I came across an ad of on the internet. The advertiser claimed to be Dr. Gokula Krishnan. I lost Rs 1.07 lakh that I paid in various instalments. When the demand for money kept increasing, I went to the doctor and came to know that I have been conned,” Dikshit said. None of his family members are aware that he has been conned. He said hat he had taken debts and wanted to clear them urgently. “We would chat and talk on WhatsApp. After his arrest, I went to the police station and saw him for the first time. I could easily recognise his voice. I hope I will get my money back,” Dikshit added.

A senior police officer said that the gang has been active since the last three months and that they have cheated over 300 persons.

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