MTN Cameroon suspends fees on some money transfers, for 30 days, to facilitate digital payments



Business in Cameroon  | For the next 30 days, starting from today March 20, MTN Cameroon will stop collecting fees on some money transfers between mobile money accounts.

According to the operator, the amount concerned by these transfer services ranges from XAF0 to XAF20,000 and only three free transactions are allowed per account.

The operator reveals that this is its way of contributing to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon, which has already confirmed about 20 cases.

Depending on the development of the health crisis, MTN Cameroon informs, the initial 30 may be reviewed.

“By suspending the payment of money transfer fees between Mobile Money accounts, MTN Cameroon wants to contribute to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, by reducing as much as possible the use of cash and promoting digital payments,” the operator indicates.

It adds that Mobile Money can also help address the constraints imposed by measures limiting the movement of people to reduce the risk of spreading the virus. By facilitating digital payments, it can thus allow companies and individuals to carry out essential transactions, even in isolation or confinement.

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