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Chief Edward Motande Joins Fight Against Covid-19



By Dean Mongo Eyieh

The chief of Mokunda Village, HRH Edward Ngale Motande on Monday donated hundreds of medical equipment and face masks to the Mokunda integrated Health centre in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic.

While there have been no cases recorded in Mokunda village, chief Motande insists in the face of the global pandemic supporting each other is not only the right thing to but it’s the smart thing to do.

It comes at a time when the government of Cameroon has intensified the fight against the Coronavirus as the number of infected cases keeps rising.

According to the chief, constant awareness, a shift in mentality and behavioural change would help save lives.

On his part the Chief of Center, Teboh Walters noted the medical supplies would go along way in helping the health facility meet up with some of its challenges.

Gracing the event was the D.O of Limbe 2 subdivision, Make Serge Albert who revealed a Sub-divisional team has been set up to combat the pandemic within his sphere of influence.

He urged other stakeholders to emulate the chief of Mokunda in positively impacting their communities.

The consignments donated include hand sanitisers, face masks, Vitamin C and other important items that could keep his people away from the dreaded virus

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