South West – Testing Barrier At Mungo Bridge


Cameroon Tribune  | The top administrative brass of the Region accompanied their chief executive to install a medical check station at the Mungo Bridge last Saturday.

Travellers to the South West Region through Douala will henceforth submit themselves to a temperature test at the Mungo Bridge gateway. The Mungo is the river that divides the Littoral and the South West Regions of Cameroon.

The advent of the killer-virus (coronavirus or covid 19) with over 500 cases reported in Cameroon is keeping authorities on their heels. The Governor of the South West Region, Bernard Okalia Bilai, continued his outings on various fronts to fight the disease last Saturday, 4 April, 2020.

Accompanied by a high level Regional medical team, Governor Okala Bilai journeyed to the Mungo to shield the disease by installing a medical check squad. While at the Mungo entryway the medical crew effected over 50 checks on in-flowing passengers and drivers with the Polymerase Chain Reaction machine (PCR).

The vehicles streaming to the South West Region immediately slowed down and parked by the road side. In strict respect of traffic rules, the passengers flowed out and passed in two lines of females and males. The medical staff (male and female) approached the head sideways testing with the machine. They dropped the hand after reading the temperature level.

The exercise takes less than a minute and determines if the individual will be quarantined or not depending if his or her temperature level has jumped beyond the normal 36 degrees Celsius.

Medical authorities, however, continued dishing out the advice that people should at best stay home, wear masks if they must go out, keep social distancing of one metre between individuals, wash their hands and abstain from touching their faces.

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