Spanish coach Nus supports Eto’o, Drogba and co. against ‘racist’ French doctors

GOAL  | The former Rayo Vallecano boss has thrown his weight behind the African superstars who have hit out at the physicians
Former Liverpool backroom staff member and Ghana assistant coach Gerard Nus believes all derogatory talks about Africa should be treated with contempt.

The Spaniard was reacting to recent comments by two French doctors who suggested on television that drugs and vaccines against the raging coronavirus pandemic be first tested on African populations.

The controversial remarks have incurred the wrath of top African football superstars including Cameroon’s Samuel Eto’o, Didier Drogba of Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal’s Damba Ba and the Ghana duo of Kevin-Prince Boateng and Christian Atsu, who held no punches in responding to the unfortunate comments.

Gerard Nus

“I’m really happy to see players like Samuel Eto’o, Drogba and Atsu standing up and stating that Africa is not a lab,” Nus told Goal on Tuesday.

“For sure those unfortunate comments from the French doctors cannot be accepted.

“It’s important that those top players worldwide try to say it loud and clear that Africa is like any other continent and African countries are like any other countries in the world.

“We have to take care of all of us. It is not just one country, it’s a worldwide big situation.”

Ba was the first to hit out at the comments, attracting the attention of Drogba and Eto’o.

Chelsea legend Drogba lashed out at the doctors, describing the remarks as “serious, racist and contemptuous” and stressing “Africa is not a laboratory”.

“I’m really saddened by those comments [from the doctors]. I have worked in Africa before and I know African’s very well,” Nus added.

“I think those words show a kind of racism, something that we cannot tolerate, or accept in any way. Africans should feel proud of who they are. Africans should feel proud of where they live.

“People that visit, work, or will work there in the future, we have to see it as an amazing place to be.”

Former Barcelona striker Eto’o called the doctors “sons of bitches”, saying “Africa is not theirs to play with”.

Ex-AC Milan midfielder Boateng labelled the doctors “idiots” while Newcastle United winger Atsu described the suggestions as “shameful”.

“Africa should not be seen as the last part of the world. It should be seen as an amazing continent with amazing countries,” Nus continued.

“I have been so lucky to travel to different countries [with Ghana] and to Africa when we played the 2015 and 2017 Africa Cup of Nations as well as their qualifying games.

“I can say it high and loud Africans should not be ashamed of themselves at all. It should be the other way around, to be proud of who they are.”

The coronavirus has so far infected over 1,363,123 persons around the world, claiming the lives of 76,383.

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