Fight Against COVID-19: BONAVADA Creates Community Task Force




The BONAVADA Community in Buea has created a COVID-19 Task Force.

The task force is created to help plan preventive strategies against COVID-19 to safeguard the BONAVADA community and to work in tandem with other stakeholders at the local, regional, national & international levels.

“These are trying times”, said _Mbua Emmanuel Mbua_ (the initiator and a community mobiliser).

“We want to create an environment that gives our people the best opportunities not only to survive this crisis but to thrive”.

BONAVADA is a rural community situated along the eastern slopes of Buea, South West Region of Cameroon.

It has a population size of above 10,000 inhabitants spread across 13 villages, namely; Bokulu, Bokwai, Bonakanda, Bonganjo, Boteva, Bova 1, Bova 2, Bwiteva, Bwitingi, Ewonda, Mwangai, Upper Bokova and Upper Bolifamba.

The BONAVADA Community COVID-19 Task Force is comprised of community volunteers (from all walks of life) coming together to help the most vulnerable.

These volunteers will then come up with recommendations and present them to the wider BONAVADA public.

“We want our community to be on the leading edge of preventive efforts, with the well-being of our people at the forefront”.

Mbua Emmanuel Mbua_ is a staff at the South West Regional Delegation of Public Health and was recently designated “Head of the COVID-19 Secretariat” at the Delegation by the Regional Delegate, Dr. Ebongo Zacheus Nanje.

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