Coton Sport Respects Ultimatum, Evades FECAFOOT’s Sledgehammer



By Basil K Mbuye

Coton Sport of Garoua has avoided relegation that was looming over them in a case pitting the club against their player Christian Landry Kemssu Komm over non-payment of circa FCFA 2 million indemnities.

The 15 times champions of the Cameroon topflight championship had been taken to court by Fernand Taninchem the agent of their player Christian Landry Kemssu Kom, for breach of contract clauses. Coton Sport were found guilty by the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FECAFOOT and asked to pay FCFA 1,925,000.

However, Coton Sport refused to respect the decision from the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FECAFOOT. On August 3, the chamber gave the club a 10-day ultimatum counting from August 4 to pay the said amount or face relegation as per the rules.

Coton Sport had earlier refused to pay the money claiming the player was taken by his agent for trials abroad without the knowledge of the club.  Going by, the communication department headed by Adamou Saidou explained why the club’s stand was different.

“Fernand Taninche introduced himself in Garoua as the father of the child in question (Landry Kemssu). He wanted him in our first team. We had no doubt of his qualities, but the kid was only good enough for our reserves, where he spent five to six months before he seemingly disappeared. During that time, he was supposedly ill or injured.

“We have photos of the tests he went to do, around the country and abroad. When Taninche returned with his child, he began to threaten for supposed unpaid wages. He joined FECAFOOT, which made a trial without contradiction. We do not know when the hearing took place, we only received a brutal sentence,” Adamou told

Speaking to The Post on August 12, via phone, the player’s agent, Fernand Taninche, acknowledged that the club had paid the said sum of money to his lawyer. He, however, lamented the fact that all the money will go to incur the travelling expenses and accommodation.

“My lawyer had to travel to Garoua three times to meet Coton Sport authorities regarding the case. These trips were so expensive since they were all by air and also the expensive accommodation. However, I am happy that justice was finally served,” Taninche explained.

In another saga, Union de Movement Sportive de Loum, UMS, risks relegation to Elite Two if they do not comply with the heavy demands of the Dispute Resolution Chamber. This is in a case pitting the club against Coach Bonaventure Djonkep. Coach Djonkep was sacked on May 17 without the respect of the one-year contract he signed with the club.

Taking the case to FECAFOOT, on September 4, 2018, a verdict was passed by the Chamber in favour of Djonkep. UMS of Loum was ordered to pay indemnities amounting to FCFA 7.7 million or appeal the decision within 21 days. With a final ultimatum given, the decision is yet to be arrived at.

The case of players been treated poorly by club owners is rampant in the country as some players either play for nothing or are owed huge salaries. They are some players who play without a contract while some don’t even have contracts.

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