Fako League: We Have A Three-Year Plan-President Vishi Annold

President Vishi Annold




By Dean Mongo Eyieh

The President of newly created Fako Divisional Football league side, Vishi Academy, VISA, Annold Vehlown Vishi is convince his club would leave rea markable imprint in the sand.

” We are offering a different approach. We intend to set standards that can turn dreams into reality. With what we have put in place there is no limit to our expectations. Confidently we shall go places,” he stated

He was speaking on Saturday as the club began cutting its footballing teeth as well as putting in place winning formulas ahead of their debut season.

Annold Vishi further explained that he fully understands the scale of the assignment that lies ahead.

He added that his team is committed to positive football and hopes to assemble the right charges with the required mental strength and character to help him achieve his dream.

” I’m looking at the future with a sense of optimism. We have set a three plan with the goal of playing in the Elite two championship in 2023. Simply put we hope to create a better lasting impression,” Vishi concluded.

Vishi Academy is recurrently busy sharpening their football claws ahead of the start of the Third Division championship.

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