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FECAFOOT SGs Go 21 Months Without Contracts, Salaries



By Basil K Mbuye

The Secretaries-General, SGs, of the Cameroon Football Federation, FECAFOOT, are yet to sign a contract since appointed into office some 21 months ago.

The SGs, who are running the football activities in the various Regional and Divisional Championships, are yet to sign a legal contract with the country’s football body since they were appointed into office months ago. They have been working without salaries since appointment and have, in the past two months, received FCFA 80,000 monthly allowances.

“Since we were confirmed into office by the Federation, we are yet to sign a legal contract as we were told sometime in January. We don’t have salaries, but from May this year, we started receiving FCFA 80,000 as monthly allowances,” the Secretary General of a Regional League lamented.

Another lamented the fact that the situation at the Divisional level is even worse. He went further to say that, since January 2019 that they were confirmed into office by the National FECAFOOT, they went for the whole of that year without a dime.

Hear him: “Since my appointment, I have not received a salary nor signed a contract. I pity Divisional leagues Secretaries-General for their case is worse. This is because some of them worked as interim since elections did not take place in the Divisions are not even recognised by the National FECAFOOT Bureau in Tsinga-Yaounde.”

Going by the FECAFOOT text regulating the appointment of Secretaries-General, they are supposed to be employed and also sign private contracts with the federation. However, the text fails to specify the duration of the contract.

When these SGs took over last year, nine of them at the regional level were appointed in January 2019, while one was appointed in November that same year. This was the replacement for the SG of West Region.

They went for the whole year without receiving a franc from the Federation. In July 2019, the text was changed stipulating that SGs will be appointed by the Federation and not by Regional Presidents as it was before. It was now the duty of the Executive Committee to appoint SGs in the various Regional Bureaus.

In November 2019, the SGs were appointed by the Executive Committee according to the text. The appointment confirmed the SGs into office. In January 2020, they received all their allowances for 2019. This amount was FCFA 917,000. However, some could not receive the amount as they were told their money was mistakenly sent to other regions. Regretabbly, they have not received it till date.

They later, in May 2020, received FCFA 400,000 as their allowances from January to May. From then, they have been receiving their allowances monthly.

Sadly, they are yet to sign a contract since January 2019 that they were appointed into office. Going by reports, these Secretaries-General can not be paid their salaries because they are yet to sign the contract.

Observers are asking why these SGs are yet to sign the contract with FECAFOOT since they were appointed 21 months ago. Many of the SGs we spoke to, do not even know how much their salary is.

Those in the Divisional Leagues do not even have an office nor a salary or allowances and, yet, they are the base of the championship.


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